Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Activist Computer Security Workshop-October 15, 2011

Freedom of the Word
& Computer Security
A hands-on workshop for Philadelphia community activists—This means you.

Saturday October 15 9:30 AM - 2 pm at LAVA
4134 Lancaster Ave, West Philly

Are you a Philly community activist? Do you realize that a lot of your online organizing (even information on your phone) is accessible to people, corporations, or government officials who might be interested in your activities? We want to educate community activists about ways to stay safer. Do you work on fracking? Prison issues? #OccupyPhilly? AIDS? Alternative media? This is for you.

This free, groundbreaking workshop is organized by a new collaboration of social justice hackers and longtime Philly community activists. We will teach:

1. What is at risk--your civil rights, your political work, and even your freedom.

2. Threat models--ways to think about your safety online and that of your fellow activists.

3. Concrete strategies for staying safer, and keeping fellow activists safer, online.

4. Do you know what US companies like Cisco Systems are doing to repress activists in other countries?


Jonah Silas Sheridan, a California information security activist and trainer.

(Tentative) Roger Dingledine, Developer of Tor, software for staying safe online.

Interested in attending? RSVP to:

Brought to you by friendly, longtime Philly activists Onion from LAVA Space, Steph A from the Hacktory, Katie K from The AIDS Policy Project, and a host of others.

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